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NZ Map & Kiwi

NZ Map & Kiwi

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NZ Map & Kiwi Vinyl Record Art Wall Hanging

Made In New Zealand from good condition 33 1⁄3 rpm LP's measuring 30cm in diameter.
Your design is cut to order so please allow 1-2 days before shipping.

We gather vinyl records from salvage yards, second hand shops, and refuse centres. Places where they will eventually be disposed of and end up in landfill.
We rescue these vinyl's and turn them into these unique vinyl art pieces in our Dunedin home based studio. Using a variety of tools and methods ranging from sophisticated CNC machines to rudimentary hand tools.
Each piece is hand finished, cleaned, its label painted black to hide it and then packaged in its original cover making each one a unique piece of art.

Shipping Info

FREE Shipping for orders over $99
Your Vinyl Record Art is made to order and generally takes us 1-2 days to create and ship. (Dependant on workload, Xmas etc can extend this up to 7-10 days)
Orders are currently shipping in 3-5 days.

All parcels are tracked and you will receive shipping confirmation with tracking info.

We take great care in packaging but in the rare event your item arrives damaged, simply send us a photo and we will replace it for free.

We ship New Zealand wide (international shipping is currently unavailable)

Display Info

We recommend displaying our Vinyl Record Art directly on a light coloured wall/surface using pins as they are sturdy and discreet.
Picture hooks, blu tack, command strips and thumb tacks also work well, and they look great framed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lynette H.

Have bought a few from Revamped Records the very best service. All I have purchased are loved and admired by all. Love to own some for myself as have given all previous for gifts and my own fast is the music ones. So will purchase at some stage. You guys are amazing.

NZ Map and Kiwi

Nicely packaged and very happy with the detailed product👍

Carolyn S.

We got this for a gift and when we opened it to wrap we were stunned on how wonderful it looked and are definately going to order some more for my family over in Aussie. Thanks for the great work. Love it